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Sponsored Post
The prices tag for sponsored post will be discussed through mail, meaning depending on the type of content and amount of links you are sending to us for publishing on out platform.
If you want to take a good look of what we want as outĀ  promotional and non-promotional sponsored posts content use the links there.
Over the years we have gotten series of sponsored contents from our clients and we have sponsored contents to our over 200,000 social media followers and emails and they’ll be permanent on our blog forever with all quality intact.
Update: also not that if you will like to publish your biography or feature a profile also do well by contacting us through mail.
You can link back to your sales pages, websites, video channels, social media pages or any other places you like.
All sponsored posts will be on our blog for life and we’d refresh them occasionally.
Additionally, all types of articles and links are accepted, except extreme adult posts and write-ups, as we respect our audience who might find them offensive.
For those who will be more interested in our ad formats, you can kindly our AdvertiseĀ  page.
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