Great news guys, we have finally launched our first Premium Blogger Theme called Simplify Geek Blogger Theme.

My team and I decided to come up with a concept that will also benefit our readers as well cause you are the number reason Greeksblogger is still assisting today.

We came up with this unique Theme called Simplify Geek Blogger Theme. Below are some of the great features of Simplify Geek Blogger Theme.

Features of Simplify Geek Blogger Theme

  • Awesome Navigation Menu

Simplify Geek Blogger Theme

Simplify Geek Blogger Theme comes with an awesome navigation menu with both Search box on the main navigation menu and Social Media follow button features on top navigation menu. It’s simple but awesome and fits in for all Niches.

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  • Footer Social Media follow Button

We wanted an amazing Blogspot Theme that is easy to navigate with great features. Which was why I communicated with my team and they all agreed to add this great navigation feature on footer.

Blogger Theme

With beautiful Page Navigation widget to navigate across all articles on your site.

  • 100/100 Site Loading Speed

Google recently rolled out mobile first Index. Which means your site will be indexed based on mobile optimization. Simplify Geek Blogger Theme done justice to it. Which 100% site speed optimization.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation

SEO is a must for every blog. One of the unique features of Simplify Geek Blogger Theme is the SEO Optimization added on our theme which will help to skyrocket your blog on Google and other search engines.

  • NewsTicker Plugin

With the new awesome Newsticker, you get the chance to displace your most recent article in a grand style. That also helps to increase your blog page views and reduce blog bounce rate.

Simplify Geek Blogger Theme comes with an Awesome Social sharing Button, to increase your blog popularity. It has different social share format to increase your blog page views and also easy to share buttons for your readers to share your blog posts.

Afolabi Achiever

Author Bio below post.

With great leave your comment below post feature. What else could you have asked for?

We couldn’t have done all this without considering Mobile Responsiveness. Simplify Geek Blogger Theme is not only unique but also responsive across all mobile devices.

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You can also check it out yourself using any Mobile Responsive test tool. We have other features added as well.

  • Ads Ready

We have also added Header Ads Section, Sidebar and below post to increase your blog revenue. It’s responsive and works on all mobile devices.

Kindly download and appreciate our The Author of the This great them by leaving our Footer Credit as the Creator.

Need the Theme kindly Drop your Email Address below and we will Email It Across to You. 

What other features do think we missed out on. So as to include it on our Next Version of release.

Simplify Geek Blogger Theme v2.0 coming soon. Happy blogging Guys.

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