How to Remove Sora Templates Footer Credit (Step by Step)

Recently I downloaded a theme from Sora Template, after several modifications, I discovered I could not remove sora templates footer credit without redirecting to their official site.

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Guess what I Was able to get over it and stop sora template redirect using this simple guide and then remove sora template footer credit.

Have you also been searching for tricks on how to remove sora templated attribution credit without redirecting? Then search no further. Cause we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to remove sora template footer credit.

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Sora templates discovered that bloggers do remove their footer credit link after downloading their template and also doing a simple modification on the template in some cases. without giving due credit to them as template creator.
This is why when you download sora templates you noticed that at the credit link it is not only sora templates that are seen there but also Mybloggerthemes something like this.

Template Created by Soratemplate & Mybloggerthemes.
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If you try removing the sora templates link then Mybloggerthemes will be displayed there, which constantly redirect your site visitors to theirs. but not to worry cause today I will teach you how to remove sora templates footer credit and that of Mybloggerthemes without been redirected to any site.

How to Remove Sora Templates Footer Credit

Just follow the below steps and if you face any problem use the comment box below for my assistance ok.
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Note: You can also use the tricks to remove those templates that have only sora templates as credit links and also those once that have Both soratemplates & Mybloggerthemes.

METHOD 1 To Remove Sora Templates Footer Credit

Step 1. Go to your blogger blogspot dashboard – click on template- click on the Edit HTML button………click anywhere inside the code area and open the template search box by pressing the CTRL + F keys
Step 2. Type or paste this code in the search box, then hit Enter to find it:
<!– Footer Copyright –> or This <!– footer wrapper end –>
Step 3. Now the code starts with this and it End with this see the Image below.
<!– Footer Copyright –>
<div class=’copyright’>Created By <a href=’’ id=’mycontent’ title=’Free Blogger Templates’>Sora Templates</a>
Step 4. Just replace it with below codes.
<!– Footer Copyright –>
<div class=’copyright’>Copyright © 2016-2017 | <a href=’’>GeeksBlogger</a> | <a href=’#’>Recruitment</a> | <a href=’#’>Admit Card</a> | <a href=’#’>Result</a> | <a href=’#’>Sitemap</a>
<a href=’’ id=’mycontent’ rel=’nofollow’ style=’visibility: hidden’ title=’Free Blogger Templates’>Sora Template</a>
Then Replace the # with your Label Links. And also My Blog Name and The Link

Step 5. Save the changes by clicking on the Save Template button.

METHOD 2 To Remove Sora Templates Footer Credit

Follow The Below Steps to remove sora templates footer credit.

  • Now log in to your Blogger and open your blog.
  • Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Now find the credit/footer link in the footer which you need to remove. Now You’ll find looking like Copyright, or designed, etc

Now add the following line with your original copyright ID.

style=”visibility: hidden”

Now Save your Template and Enjoy
That’s all on how to remove sora template footer credit without redirecting.

4 thoughts on “How to Remove Sora Templates Footer Credit (Step by Step)”

  1. Thanks for this tutorial on how to remove footer credit, please make your image more clearer, your trick worked.
    keep up the good work.

  2. It does not work on sora template.. It just shows my editing text only 2 second, after two second it show sora template again


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