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Pastebin + = More Money $$$$$ [For Newbie and Experts]

Pastebin + = More Money $$$$$

[For Newbie and Experts]

First you’re going to think of a bunch of random Topics to post on Pastebin that would get people’s attention.

Examples are things like 1,000 leaked xbox coupon codes, 500 psn coupon codeleaked, 500 psn accounts leaked, how to get free run escape money, Get POKEMONGO COINS, stuff like that.

You don’t actually need to proof it, I would just make sure you shorten it with and redirect to a offer. Most didn’t complete it but some did and that was extra money.

To start you’re going to want to go over to Pastebin then Signup and find a bunch of different titles to test. After that Signup at

If I where you I’d create different links like upto 5 shortened links to test them to see which converts the best.

Now start posting the pastes, in the description just write Hey, decided to release this and you can find it here. Then put your short.est link.

See which short.est link converts the best and then try some different variations to see what converts the best out of those. For different niches|Topics that will work better then others.

Comment below if you don’t understand it…….

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