Oraimo Power Bank 20000mah Price in Nigeria

Oraimo Power Bank 20000mah Price in Nigeria, Oraimo is a tech gadget brand recognized for quality and durability in the various metropolis of Nigeria and across the globe.

One major tech gadget brand that sorts out consumer product reliability and most importantly, durability in power banks is the Oraimo tech gadget company.

Oraimo Power Bank 20000mah Price In Nigeria

They are rated among the best in the tech gadgets industry. Individuals make due purchases depending on interest and capacities. One can never over-emphasize the importance and benefits of power banks, especially in the case of epileptic power supply that is predominant across the country.

Your phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other go-to gadgets might be out of power and that is where the efficacy of a power bank comes in. Provided the device or gadget has a USB outlet that accommodates power supply, then your power bank would be handy in such case and that is why we will introduce Oraimo power bank 20000mah.

Oraimo Power Bank 2000mah Price in Nigeria is frequently sorted for by oraimo customers alongside other gadgets in likewise similitude. Some of the other most sorted for oraimo power bank includes Oraimo power bank 10000mah, Oraimo power bank 27000mah, Oraimo power bank 30000mah, Oraimo power bank 40000mah, Oraimo power bank 50000mah and so on.

In this article, we would deliberately discuss a handful of the including their prices and qualities, starting with the Oraimo power bank 20000mah.

Oraimo Power Bank 20000mah and Its Price In Nigeria

Oraimo Power Bank is a sort of a product across Nigeria. Oraimo power bank 20000mah is one of the major ones out of the many due to its affordability by the average Nigerian and its durability.

Oraimo 20000 mAh power banks come in different types, styles, and designs. They are built in such a way that it is easy to grip, hold, and handle while they can also be moved from one place to another without it being much of a burden to carry.

It charges faster than it seems, especially when you follow the laid down procedures by the company; use the recommended charger and cords to charge it, and charge at the recommended voltage per time.

It will also charge your device faster than you expect unless your device does not possess a “fast charge” quality or feature. Either way, Oraimo power bank 20000mah was built to charge any device pretty fast.

The Oraimo power bank 20000mah price in Nigeria is quite dependent on the outlet or store making the sales. However, ideally, the price ranges between 12,000 NGN – 14,500 NGN.

However, as earlier stated, this price is dependent on the outlet, though e-commerce outlets tend to be higher depending on foreign exchange rates.

The Oraimo 20,000 mAh power banks are fully available and can be purchased at different gadget stores across the country (Nigeria).

While for ease and convenience you can purchase the power banks at any mobile e-commerce retail store close to your region irrespective of the price tag.

Here are some details or features that might interest you about Oraimo power bank 20000mah

  • Of course, it has a power Capacity of 20000mAh, which means it is capable of charging your 5000mah device about 4 times.
  • It possesses an Ultra-High Capacity.
  • It has a dual USB output, allowing you to plug in two devices at once.
  • 2.1A Fast Charging irrespective of your device’s power reception ability.
  • Has a LED Torch which could be handy in the days required.
  • A 3D Texture and resolution to showcase luxury.
  • It possesses a Multi-Protection.

This will without doubt hand you what you need to know about Oraimo power bank 20000mah.

How much is a Power Bank – Oraimo Power Bank 30000mah and Its Price in Nigeria

Oraimo power bank 30000mah is also in a league of its own, though similar to the initially discussed Oraimo power bank 20000mah, however, it is higher in power and capacity.

You might opt for this if you are the type that requires a higher power rating, or the type that has more than enough gadgets to power at the same time. Whichever way, Oraimo power bank 30000mah is also a go-to accessory when it comes to power utilization.

The power bank is quite durable, considering the fact that it was produced by a brand recognized for durability.

The price of Oraimo power bank 30000mah in Nigeria is highly dependent on the point of purchase, be it an e-commerce store or a physical store, however, the price is from NGN 19,000 to NGN 22,000.

You would see them in varying models, which you can make your choice of afterward.

Here are some features of the Oraimo power bank 30000mah that would blow your mind

  • The color is plain black.
  • Of course, it has a power capacity of 30000mah, durable enough to charge your gadget at least 5 times depending on its capacity.
  • It has three inputs, input1(Lightning): 5V-2A.
  • It has a Type-C input of 5V-2A, making it easier to church also with a Type-C charger
  • Input3(Micro USB): 5V-2A.
  • Output1(USB): 5V⎓2.1A Max.

How much is a Power Bank – Oraimo Power Bank 40000mah and Its Price in Nigeria

We talked about Oraimo power bank 30000mah earlier and its durability, however, oraimo power bank 40000mah is even better.

Your preference for energy capacity would eventually increase constantly as your needs for power consumption also increase.

This is recommended for you if you do so much and you are in an environment that doesn’t help you, especially when the power supply is epileptic.

Nevertheless, even if the light seems stable, you might still need this power bank on rainy days or perhaps for travel. They are sold at different outlets in Nigeria as well, also sold online on e-commerce stores.

The Oraimo power bank 40000mah price in Nigeria is slated at NGN 26,000 to NGN 30,000 depending on the outlet involved.

Here are some features of Oraimo power bank 40000mah

  • The color is plain black
  • It has a capacity of 40000mAh, more than enough to power your devices
  • There are three inputs and one output, input1(Lightning): 5V-2A.
  • Input2(Type-C): 5V-2A.
  • Input3(Micro USB): 5V-2A.
  • Output1(USB): 5V⎓2.1A Max.

Oraimo Power Bank Reviews

The majority of the oraimo power banks received almost about 5.0 ratings on reviews on average. This is to a very large extent a show of customer satisfaction and approval. You would have no reason to fear if you are interested in any oraimo power bank, irrespective of capacity.

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