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Official TBC Website Nigeria has been Launched

Nigeria has Launched Official TBC Website 
tbc Nigeria Website
Nigeria has Launched Official TBC Website 

Admin is proud to announce that Nigeria now has an Official TBC Website:  
Leaders of Nigeria have done a fantastic job of spreading the message about TBC throughout their lands.  These same leaders are working closely with Admin to eliminate TBC Discounters and Scammers not only in Nigeria but also globally.  This issue is the main thing holding up our progress as a TBC community and it must be stamped out now!  This new website will help to expand that team of leaders throughout Nigeria.

Nigeria also has its own local exchange that meets all of Admin’s criteria for a fair and balanced way of exchanging TBC in Naira–the local currency of the country.  So, the people of Nigeria do not have to buy Bitcoin first in order to purchase TBC; they can use the cash in their pocket directly and also withdraw in Naira directly using this exchange.  This exchange comes with a replicated website link that its members use to promote the sales of their TBC coins.  Promoters of TBC are handsomely rewarded this way, and lazy people are not getting undue benefits. 

This is by far a better structure, and their local exchange will take the place of Tbc Trade on the Homepage Sliders once we complete a user guide for this local exchange.  If you are a successful promoter of TBC outside of Nigeria, you should closely examine how they built this local exchange and see if you can duplicate it in your country. 

This will help TBC to become more decentralized as a crypto-currency if each country had an exchange such as this in their country. 

To see this exchange go to wittyxchangeand Register now, use “prince5rr” as the sponsor

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