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Increase Website Traffic with BroadedNet Plugin

Website traffic can be described as the amount of data sent
and receives by visitors to your weblog which is determined
by the number of visitors and the number of pages visited.
This is done by monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic
to see which parts or pages of the site are popular. The traffic
are measure to know the popularity of a site and each pages,
and this can be done by viewing the traffic found on the site
server log file.

Information often collated to decide popularity of a site / blog

* Top paths
* Referrers
* Number of visitors
* Most requested pages
* Average number of page views per visitor
* Average page duration
* Average visit duration
* Domain classes
* Most requested pages
* Busy times
* Most requested entry pages
* Most requested exit pages

BroadedNet is an internet traffic generator site designed by
Enstine Muki for bloggers to promote their blogs for traffic.
This is designed to take your blog article from a single place
and spreads it all over other registered blogs within the BroadedNet network.

Registering and installing the plugin will generate huge traffic
to your blog without Search Engine and Social Media. This is
a Traffic Without Search Engines. It is also Traffic without
Google Adword.

BroadedNet is a platform to sign up for your free account.
BroadedNet Plugin is the best Plugin to get safe, easy, and
fast free Website traffic. If you are a Newbie or a Guru in
Blogging, this plugin is strongly recommended for you to stop
yourself from struggling to gain search engine traffic.

Currently, this service available for WordPress user only to
install the Plugin but very soon other platform like Joomla,
Drupal, and Blogspot will be able to generate HTML code to
use on their weblogs.

For you to enjoy total advantage of registering on their
network as a blogger, you must use the BroadedNet widget to
integrate your blog with the network. This will help you to
earn credits that will keep your blog / site campaigns alive.

Steps to link your WordPress site
* Download the Plugin directly from your admin Panel
* Install and activate the Plugin
* Go to Appearance -> Widget to drag the BroadedNet widget
to any place of your choice

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