How To Setup a Company Website

In the face of this reality, having your address and a good website is becoming a necessity. The only question is how to setup a company website (I do not include in the steps the search for a professional website creator, website design, and acceptance) for more tips click here.

Already more than half of Poles have access to the Internet (at home, at work, at school, or in an internet cafe). Over 60% of people search for information about companies on the Web, every sixth Internet user makes e-purchases, and for a quarter of companies, the Internet is the main outlet.


Setup a Company Website: choosing a domain

The first issue is choosing a domain. All websites have a web address at which they are available. A domain is one of the key elements affecting the success of your business. It consists of 3 elements: the “www” tag (currently no longer required), the main part (name), and ending, e.g. pl, com,, info, EU, etc. What should be a good domain? Rule No. 1 says that it should be easy to remember, short and referring to the nature of the business of a company or

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The question is often whether the name of the website must be the same as the name of the company. The answer is no, but it would be good if they contained common elements. For example, a real estate company that provides rental and sale services of apartments in Warsaw may choose a domain with the name of this service, or When an Internet user sees such an address, he can easily associate it with the industry and remember it.

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If you choose a name that does not refer to the company, products offered or the industry in which it operates, the owner of the site will have to incur considerable financial expenditure on brand promotion. In this case, large companies are more likely to succeed. It is much harder for smaller companies. In both cases, it is worth that companies avoid abbreviations.

Where to register a domain?

There are many places intended for this purpose, and prices and conditions are similar everywhere. Just enterdomain registration” in the search engine to receive a list of results with a significant number of companies that deal with it.

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Setup a Company Website: Choosing a hosting

Hosting is a service consisting of the delivery of equipment and necessary software enabling launching a website and maintaining mailboxes. You must purchase a so-called space on the server, i.e. a computer connected to the internet 24 hours a day. When choosing, you should not be guided only by the price. If your site will often be unavailable or will not open – you’ll never get regular readers or customers.



What’s next?

You still need to formulate and analyze the purpose of the website before you setup a company website. To succeed on the internet, define it exactly, and specify how you will pursue your goals. Do not forget about your customers or recipients of established websites the website should be for them!

A website with the CMS system

CMS is a system that allows you to manage a website (the content on it) without knowing the HTML code, i.e. without IT preparation. Using the system is similar to working with programs that most people with a computer or working on a computer use every day (so-called window systems).

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Depending on whether the company website is to be static and the content added (and changed) will be sporadic, or if the website will be updated frequently, the owner must decide whether he wants to start the work on the website (i.e. before the company starts website designing and creating the website) use the CMS system. If the website will be equipped with a CMS system, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the demo of such a program to check whether using it is not difficult, and adding content to the site is as simple as the author assures.

Graphic design – template or individual layout?

Each website, in addition to content, also has a website design. Those ordering web development have three possibilities in the field of graphic design – free project (ready to download from the Internet), a paid project ready, or a project created from scratch.

Free website templates

Free projects whose web is full are often outdated. They were made with the use of technologies no longer used or are simply careless and unattractive. Therefore, the authors put them on the Web (someone will always use). Hardly anyone would work on a well-prepared project for several days to later share it with others for free.

A ready-made project that you buy from the author is better than downloading it for free. However, there is a risk that another company will use the same template. Also, such a project is not created for a specific company. The creator adapts the website design to the theme of the company’s website, not to its brand.



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Individual graphic design

The last option is a project that is created from A to Z for a specific company, commissioning. Designers working on website design take into account the expectations of the commissioner regarding the site and its future functionality, so that everything is consistent with each other. Thanks to the custom design of the website, your company website will stand out from the competition.

Further steps to setup a Company website

Now is the time to create a website. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the stages of creating websites or the description of creating websites step by step through the eyes of the client. If you already have a website, the last step
will be to upload it to the purchased server. Most often these services are performed

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