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HOW TO ROOT UR ANDROID( Tecno, wiko, Infinix etc)

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1. Rooting App
2. An Android phone.
3. PC (Needed in Difficult times)

Is d process of unlocking several potentials that are Hiding within d Phone Frame work or Hierarchy.

Their several reasons y we ROOT our android phones but for those dat r Beginners in this kind of Stuff, dat y I’ll explain in a very way.

We root to enable some other features, functions within our Phones .
We Root our phones so as to av full control over our Operating system or Frame work Structure.

Note . for those dat used Symbian Phone u notice dat once ur phone is rooted ur are enable to do tins dat were never done b4.

Their are several rooting applications i know they Include;

5.Root master
6.vroot/ iroot (It as both Android and PC app)

For Techno Users Download Framaroot
For Infinix,Innjoo,Wiko and other Stubborn android Users Download Kingroot v3.3.1 or 4.1 d latest version.
U can also use Kingoroot too.

Steps as follows;
1. For Tecno users Download app Framaroot
2. Install apps and click on Bormir
3. Then reboot ur phone and its done.

For INFINIX,Innjoo,wiko users, I mean all those android dat dere Version starts from 4.4.0 and abv  Download Kingroot v3.3.1
2. Install and click on d very Big green circle.
3. Once u see a Blue mark inside d Green Circle then ur fone as been rooted.
Note: Version 3.3.1 is In Chinese
4. U can Download v4.1 of Kingroot its better than V3.3.1,.
Ask me WHY?
Becomes its English.
Note: Its requires Network Service to get ur phone rooted, to me I Prefer V4.1.

Once installed enable ur Data plan and wait while it roots ur phone, it requires a very strong Network to do so.

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