Fast2earn Review: free extra daily Income from buying shares.

Do you know what fast2earn is? Otherwise, you can make a lot of money by investing in stocks.
Well, in this Fast2earn Review, I will share exactly how you can make free daily income from buying shares on the fast 2 earn site.
Even if you are new and have never heard of it, I will make sure you understand every part of it.
So I’m going to show you exactly how fast2earn works and how you can make money by investing in stocks.

Fast2earn Review: Free Extra Income Daily from Buying Shares.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to make free daily income online, this is the best program you’ll come across as you can earn dividends on a daily basis.
I had doubts when I first found Fast2earn in the Facebook group, but to clear my doubts I did a background check, then I found out that the company is legit and has been operating since long 2013.
In fact, I checked so many Nigerians at the time and people around the world were already making money with this platform. Fast 2 earn is real.
So you don’t have to worry about investing as they are very legit.

About Fast2Earn

about fast2earn
Fast2earn is an international company that serves as an intermediary between companies / startups and people from whom people can buy shares of these companies and earn on a daily basis or sell the shares again over time and make a profit. This means that you finance a company by buying their shares and you receive a daily, weekly or monthly dividend.
Note: All you do is buy your stock and sit back and relax while you earn.
Before we proceed, let’s take a look at what a stock is.
Shares are part of the capital given by a person to a company to finance their business, out of which he is paid a certain amount of profit called a dividend.

How Does Fast2Earn Work?

How can you earn from Fast2Earn??
You can earn with this platform in 3 ways.

  • 1) With daily, weekly and monthly dividends from your shares.
  • 2) By reselling your shares as they rise. You can buy a $ 4 piece and then sell it when the value goes up to $ 7 and makes a profit of $ 3.

You get more profit when you buy more shares. Imagine just 20 shares of $ 4 that would be $ 80 and if you sold $ 7 each you would make $ 60 in profit. $ 60 equals # 21,600 profit in a few weeks. GOOD BUSINESS!

  • 3) By referrals. You can also make money by telling your friends and when they sign up you will get a percentage of their deposit.

Advantages of Fast2earn or how you can earn money with fast2earn

  • If you are an entrepreneur, artist, filmmaker, designer, musician or creator of any kind, you will find the resources you need to bring your ideas to life.
  • You can raise capital through the collective efforts of individual investors.
  • No experience is required to make this work for you, you just need a computer with a good internet connection.
  • You can invest online by buying shares of internet companies. Buying virtual shares from the website gives you the right to receive dividends from this website and allows you to sell your shares at the best price at any time.
  • So if you just invest in stocks, you can make a lot of money with fast2earn.
    The minimum deposit to purchase is $ 3 and the minimum withdrawal is $ 8

How to register to buy shares and make extra income daily

This is a simple process where you just need to verify your email address.
After registering with Fast2earn it is time to set up your payment method. Some of the payment methods available on this platform are:
Master card and others.
I tried to use my MasterCard UBA on the platform but I also found out that MasterCard from Nigeria does not work on the platform.
So I tried Bitcoin and everything worked fine.

If you are not familiar with how Bitcoin works, don’t worry about getting your Bitcoin wallet as using Luno won’t take 5 minutes and you’re done.
I personally use the Luno Bitcoin wallet and that’s what I recommend, but if you already have a Bitcoin wallet you can skip this part of the article.
Click here to get your Bitcoin Luno wallet. Simply register by filling in the required fields and verifying your account.
After verification, it is time to buy Bitcoin. You can buy Bitcoin for as low as # 500, but for the sake of this business you are better off buying Bitcoin with a value of at least # 3k (you can also start a business with a lower amount) and I would also recommend buying more if you have the money.
After you have deposited your Bitcoin wallet, it is time to go back to your Fast2earn account and buy shares.

How to buy shares on fast2earn

  • Click on “Project”
  • Click on “All projects”
  • Search for “Fashion and Beauty”
fashion and beauty fast2earn share
fashion and beauty fast2earn share
  • then select how much of this stock you want to purchase. You also have the option to add other paper types.
  • Then click on “Continue”
  • Select Bitcoin as the payment method and send it back to your Luno Bitcoin account and click “Submit”.
  • Then enter the address and price and click Submit. Make sure it works.
  • Return to your Fast2earn account and confirm the payment.

Note: Using the Luno mobile app makes the process easier. You can download the application by going to the Google Play store.

There you will see the stock available for purchase, click on “Invest”. You will also see your daily profit after buying a share.
Don’t just buy stocks, check returns before buying. You can always use the recommendations on the website itself.

Calculation and explanation of income on shares

You give your money to the company so they can run the business, and then the company gives you a percentage every day.
If the percentage is $ 0.20
And you buy about 10 shares.
Here’s the calculation:
$ 0.20 × 10 = $ 2
That means you earn $ 2 a day and $ 60 a month
$ 1 in Nigeria is 360
Namely N360 × 2 = 720
In a month. N720 × 30 days = N21,600
Wow, does that sound like something you like?
Still don’t understand the calculations?
Here’s one more for you;
If you bought 10 shares now @ $ 3 per share and you made 0.07 per share, look at the calculations now
0.07 * 10 = 0.7
Then 0.7 * 30 days = 21 $
Then $ 21 * 360 = 7,560
Let’s take a look at other calculations
And if you decide to buy 20 shares
0.07 * 20 = 1.4
1.4 * 30 days = $ 42 which is 15,120 on Naira
Very simple right?

How to Start making profit on your shares

You receive money as a dividend (the amount depends on the stock). The price of the stock also grows naturally and you can sell the stock at a much higher price.

How to Sell your shares

To sell your shares, click My Shares in the Projects menu, select Share and click the Sell button. Then specify the amount you want to receive for each share and enter the number of shares you want to sell.
If you want to sell your inventory quickly, you should set a lower price. The cheaper stock is sold first.
The time that your stock is sold before it is actually sold also depends on the activity in the market. If the market is slow and there are no users willing to buy your stock, wait a little longer.

When can you withdraw your earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings when you have a minimum balance of $ 8 (2,880 naira) and you can get it in the first week of investing in business on this platform.
Withdrawals can be made through a Bitcoin wallet or PayPal account. I haven’t really tried a direct wire transfer so far but I will update the post soon.
Click Withdraw from the menu at the top, enter the amount to withdraw and click the Withdraw button.
Withdrawals usually take 2 – 3 business days.
There are more than 4 payout levels for you

  • If you have 0-99 points, you can only withdraw once every 60 days
  • If you have 100–199 points, you can only withdraw once every 30 days
  • If you have 200-299 points, you can only withdraw once every 5 days
  • If you have 300-399 points, it can only be drawn once a day
  • If you have 400 points or more is the unlimited withdrawal at any time of the day you want as long as you have enough funds in your account

Is there proof of payment with fast2earn?

You can view all the latest recordings on the website as seen below:

fast2earn proof of payment
fast2earn proof of payment

Again, this is a great way to invest money online and earn daily dividends / profits.
If you have any questions, don’t forget to post them in the comments section of this post.
I will reply in time.
Hopefully, this post on the fast2earn review on how to make free extra daily Income from buying shares will help you invest online and make a profit.

Originally posted 2024-03-22 08:21:21.

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