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Facebook opened the biggest and most advanced hardware lab in Facebook’s history.

Facebook opened the biggest and most advanced hardware lab in Facebook’s history.

Over the next 10 years, we’re building everything from Oculus headsets to solar-powered planes. We’ve always had labs for each team, but our new lab will be a hub where engineers can work together to make even faster progress towards connecting the world.
The new lab is the size of half a football field and is filled with everything from a 5-axis water jet that can cut through steel and granite to a 9-axis mill-turn lathe. It’s even got an electron microscope and a CT scanner that will let engineers examine components for failure analysis. All this gear was so heavy that we had to remove the floor of the building and drill down to the bedrock to put in new foundation.
I’m looking forward to seeing everything we create. There is so much to do and we have some exciting times ahead!

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The red plastic plates with holes are “tool-holder” racks. The tool-holders ( round metal spindles ) are used to hold cutting tools, like drills, taps, etc. It also helps mount the cutting tools into the machine seen above with the guy operating. The machine the guy operating is call a Computer Numerical Controls or CNC machines. And my full time job is programming CNC machines 😊….CNC Programmers FTW !!!

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beautiful a 5 axis machining center and you still cannot create an algorithm that actually protects people from the bullies

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