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Electroneum Had $45Million USD Traded on Cryptopia in First 36 Hours !

Electroneum Had $45Million USD Traded on Cryptopia in First 36 Hours !

The day has finally arrived! Electroneum is LIVE and Cryptopia is doing everything to keep up with the buying and selling frenzy.

Forwarded from Electroneum News

Hi Everyone!
WOW! That was a stressful re-launch! We have a few teething problems we’re still working through but what we have achieved is completely ground breaking.
In the first live day of Electroneum trading we saw 40899 completed blockchain transactions VIA our system (this does not include the blockchain transactions carried out on the command line by technical miners).
To put that in to perspective – Monero’s largest transactional day in their history was 11,000 (https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/monero-transactions.html).
We had over $45m USD of ETN traded on Cryptopia in the first 36 hours – more than the entire ICO event.
The first 24 hours saw a total 690,792,815.39 ETN transferred with the app and website with a total of just 430.22 in fees.
As I type this, ETN has a USD trading price on Cryptopia of just over $0.07. This is a 700% increase on where we priced the coin for the ICO (excluding any bonuses!).
We are still experiencing some network difficulties at Amazon (where the system architecture is located). Amazon and our team are working on this.
We also have some people with locked accounts (our security systems locked around 600 accounts, that had suspected malicious activity, during the re-launch. This was to ensure the safety of those people’s coins). People with locked accounts are being dealt with as fast as we can, there is some admin required to prove coin ownership. We will be sending an email to these users very shortly.
We have successfully delivered over 160,000 SMS message and emails in the first 24 hours. A minority of people are still struggling to receive our SMS messages or emails. For SMS you can use a colleagues phone – we will not use that to confirm a second time, it is a one time confirmation of a real account. For missing emails, please ensure you check your junk mail folders WHITELIST “[email protected]” (if you don’t know how to whitelist just visit google and enter “whitelist email address in gmail” or “whitelist email address in hotmail” etc.)
Thanks for your patience whilst we work hard to solve these technical issues and account issues for those affected.
Also a huge thank you to all people who took place in the crowd sale and have enabled us to launch this exciting new cryptocurrency!
BTW check out our fantastic limited edition coins- we’ll be talking more about these later! 😉

That is truly exciting news. There has never been such activity in terms of statistics in the history of any ICO within the first 2 days EVER!
Are you glad you saw, you acted, and you stayed the course?
Until Next Time …

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