Download GBWhatsapp v17.60.1 Pro Apk Latest version

The GBWhatsapp Pro Apk (GBWA Pro) is an amazing update for you to Download GBWhatsapp you need to know that this app enables users to enjoy using WhatsApp to communicate with their loved ones.
GBWhatsapp Pro Apk Is so popular than the normal WhatsApp only that it is a mob version and based on what we see around with the statistics of usage, it is believed that GBWhatsapp Pro Apk is the best alternative when it comes to comparison of WhatsApp.
Download GBWhatsapp
In the world today the GBWhatsapp Pro Apk is one of the most used apps used for messaging and also to connect with people around the world using either your Android device or IOS device. If you will want to enjoy this application I will advise you to use the latest version of the GBWhatsapp Pro Apk because it is well improved.
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This app is designed with some amazing features for its users and these features includes the

  1. Voice and video calling
  2. Chatting
  3. Voice Notes and many more

Looking at the Gbwhatsapp features and its amazing functionalities which are sharing of

  • Locations
  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • Media Files like Videos
  • Stickers
  • Pictures and many more.

If you have been searching for this amazing app with superb features then you won’t miss checking out this version. If you want to download the latest version of GBWhatsapp v17.60.1 Pro Apk which was released 2021/2022, all you need to do is to follow this blog post carefully.
To Download GBWhatsapp v17.60.1 Pro Apk Latest version you must understand how and why you are using this app before you proceed to download it for usage.
How to Download GBwhatsapp Pro Apk Latest Version 2022 for Android Smartphone
When you make up your mind to start using this version of WhatsApp messenger, you need to go through the information guiding this app so that you won’t change your mind after downloading it.

App Name GBwhatsapp
Version Latest
App Size 47MB
Android Requirement 4.0+
Last Updated Recently


GBWhatsapp Older Version

  • 13.50
  • 12.00
  • 9.95
  • 8.40
  • v8.30
  • v8.26
  • v8.25
  • v8.20
  • v8.0
  • 7.35
  • v7.25

How to Install GBWhatsapp on iPhone (IOS)
Those that want to install the GBWhatsapp on their IOS device can simply follow the steps below but before you do that make sure you must have downloaded the IOS file of GBWhatsapp. You can use the link below to download GBWhatsapp for iPhone

Download Now

  1. First, you need to find the location where the IOS file was saved and simply click on it.
  2. Give it some time for it to install on your device. Then after the installation process must have been successful kindly launch the app on your phone.
  3. After launching the app, you will be asked to insert your mobile number and verify it immediately.
  4. After the verification, you can now make use of the app on your iPhone.

Advantages of Using Gbwhatsapp Apk

Dual Whatsapp Account: One good thing about the GBWhatsapp is that it allows all its users to freely set up two WhatsApp accounts on one Device without any restrictions; it allows you to freely make use of two phones numbers on your device directly using Gbwhatsapp.
Auto-Reply Tools: The auto-reply tool on GBwhatsapp is an amazing inbuilt auto-reply feature on GBwhatsapp that enable users to easily set their preferred keyword and how they choose to reply to them; immediately any user receives messages relating to any particular keyword he or she might have set this tool assists in automatically reply to the task already set by the GBwhatsapp user.
Hide Read Ticks: The Hide Read Ticks features are designed to help users give restrictions to it users from getting to view their status whenever they feel it is necessary.
Download Whatsapp Status: The download status feature is good for those who love view status and whenever they find any update from their friend worth saving this feature easily allows them to save it with stress or going to notify the owner to share it.  Immediately you save it you can easily get it anytime you want it in your phone gallery
Customize Whatsapp Layout: This feature is an amazing one for those who need custom layout design personalized for themselves. The Gbwhatsapp gives users the ability to customize their WhatsApp layout to what they like; also know that this app allows you to use any kind of theme on the app or if you don’t like that you can go ahead and customize your own. One good thing about this feature is that it allows you to create your theme and also allows you to share it with your friends and family.

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