WordPress SEO Plugin: Differences Between Yoast SEO And RankMath

Yoast SEO and RankMath are both WordPress SEO Plugin. when you say SEO, you say Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is the most widely used SEO optimization WordPress plug-in. But why do most WordPress website managers choose Yoast SEO over RankMath SEO Yoast alternative?


What is SEO?

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a term used when it comes to indexing and optimizing a website for search engines.
So basically how findable you are to others on the web.
It is a relevance check on the quality and quantity of the content you place on your web page. That why i have written on What is SEO and how does SEO works? to continue reading on what is SEO.
Structure and relevance play a major role in indexing your website and there are a number of SEO tools to help you with this. In this blog post, I will talk about the differences between Yoast SEO And RankMath

Differences Between Yoast SEO And RankMath WordPress SEO Plugin

As said before, RankMath is a new player in the SEO market, but that does not mean that RankMath is necessarily worse or less developed than Yoast.
It is true that in the past there were a few bugs in optimizing your content, but unlike Yoast SEO, they had free 24/7 support for that. You can chat with them via Facebook or by e-mail. You will receive immediate support via Facebook and via email, it will take up to 2 hours. Now all bugs have been fixed and RankMath continues to develop by adding more and more functions.
But am I going to talk about the differences that really matter?

Yoast SEO And RankMath: Schedule Markup

Scheme Markup is simply a piece of code that tells Google what you post and how you want to be indexed. This can be a news article like the one from the NOS, but it can also be a recipe or a product. With a schematic snippet, you can make sure that your article, product or recipe will be recognized more clearly and you will be ranked higher in search engines.
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Unfortunately, Yoast SEO doesn’t have this option and you have to use external plug-ins or codes. And for those who don’t know much about codes, it’s impossible to do it and it doesn’t happen automatically. RankMath, on the other hand, will take care of all this for you automatically. So you don’t have to worry about it.
The possible schedule snippets are:



  • Article or Blog
  • Book
  • Course
  • Event
  • Music
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Restaurant or other location
  • Service and support
  • Person
  • Application
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RankMath SEO Snippet options
RankMath SEO Snippet options

RankMath SEO Event snippet
RankMath SEO Event snippet

RankMath SEO Article snippet
RankMath SEO Article snippet

Yoast SEO And RankMath: Statistics

With RankMath you can see all your data in the plug-in itself, which gives you more insight into how your content is valued by Google and which keywords people used to get to your website.
We can divide the statistics into 3 parts;

Google Search Console Integration:

Your business e-mail address linked to your domain ( can easily be linked during the setup process, so you don’t have to tamper with HTML codes. Also, you don’t have to search for your Google Webmaster verification code again. Here you get Google analytics numbers, only then less extensive. I have also written a post on how to setup Google Search Console (GSC) in Top Free Keyword Research Tools

Full page SEO score:

At RankMath, you can analyze your entire website and view your SEO score. You also get an extensive list of tips and tricks to improve your score. The main focus here is on basic, social media and advanced SEO. But also your security and your website speed (performance) will be discussed.
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Keyword ranking:

Do you want to know which keywords do best on your page? Then RankMath has the SEO keyword ranking. The functionalities don’t lie. You see clearly your most used keywords and how they work. This is useful if you want to advertise on a keyword.

differences between Yoast SEO And RankMath SEO score website
SEO score website

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differences between Yoast SEO And RankMath Keyword Ranking
Keyword Ranking

Yoast SEO And RankMath: Instant Indexing

Do you want your articles to be indexed immediately by the search engines and you don’t want to have to wait for your page to be crawled?
Then RankMath has the Instant Indexing option.
This ensures that you can have your articles crawled by Google more quickly without codes and that there is a greater chance that you will be trending.
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Instant Indexing is mainly intended for time-limited news articles, vacancies and events.
But if you’ve written a blog about an event that takes place over two days, you want it to be indexed right away. This way, your blog will appear earlier in the search results.
Useful for last-minute events, jobs in need or just if you want to go trending faster.



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Yoast SEO And RankMath: Redirection

For example, if you change the slug of your articles from to, because that would be better for your SEO score, then it is useful that people who have the old link will still be redirected to your new URL.
So from now on no more broken links!
You can always change your URL without your old links giving you a 404-error.

Other advantages


RankMath has a user-friendly interface. The RankMath setup wizard is easier to understand because each option has a short explanation and under which code you should see it. Yoast SEO uses a somewhat old-fashioned setup wizard that is certainly nothing wrong with.

Alt text

At RankMath you can choose whether all images and videos of your products, for example, want to be marked with your own alt text. By adding an alt text you make sure that when potential customers search for men’s shoes, they get to see the images of your product. So you get the same title for a product as the alt text. Instead of ‘IMG-003’, your product gets the image ‘Hugo Boss men’s trousers’ as alt text. You can then be found on it.

External Link Manager

External link management shows how often your links are referred to in the texts of other websites. At RankMath you can see how often your blog is referred to. This is useful for link building.

Woo-commerce SEO option

At Yoast SEO you must have a premium paid account, while with RankMath you don’t have to. It’s all free!

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Up to 5 focus keywords

At Yoast SEO you can only choose one focus keyword for a free account and 5 at Yoast SEO premium. At RankMath you can choose up to 5 focus keywords. Also, your SEO score will not be rated from insufficient to good, but you will get a more precise score of 1 to 100.
Now that you have now the differences between Yoast SEO And RankMath (WordPress SEO Plugin), which one will you choose and tell us the reason you choose it, in the comment section below.
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