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Delaware ZIP Codes – Postal Codes for the State of Delaware, USA

Delaware ZIP Codes is available for those who might this code for any purpose when filling a form at work or on the internet. The main use of the code is to help companies or organizations actualize the location of their audience.

Based on our findings Delaware is a city which is located  in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, surrounded by other towns and cities

Delaware ZIP Codes – Postal Codes for the State of Delaware, USA

  • Country: United States of America
  • Region (State): Delaware (DE)
  • State Capital: Dover
  • Associated ZIP Range: 19701 to 19980

Today we have compiled a list on geeksblogger, showing you all the amazing postal codes of Delaware (DE) and ZIP Codes – Postal Codes for the State of Delaware (DE), USA. Some of this data can be gotten from Wikipedia


Delaware ZIP Codes – List of Postal Codes for the State of Delaware, USA



ZIP Code

Bear New Castle 19701
Newark New Castle 19702
Claymont New Castle 19703
Delaware City New Castle 19706
Hockessin New Castle 19707
Kirkwood New Castle 19708
Middletown New Castle 19709
Montchanin New Castle 19710
Newark New Castle 19711
Newark New Castle 19712
Newark New Castle 19713
Newark New Castle 19714
Newark New Castle 19715
Newark New Castle 19716
Newark New Castle 19717
Newark New Castle 19718
New Castle New Castle 19720
New Castle New Castle 19721
Newark New Castle 19725
Newark New Castle 19726
Odessa New Castle 19730
Port Penn New Castle 19731
Rockland New Castle 19732
Saint Georges New Castle 19733
Townsend New Castle 19734
Winterthur New Castle 19735
Yorklyn New Castle 19736
Wilmington New Castle 19801
Wilmington New Castle 19802
Wilmington New Castle 19803
Wilmington New Castle 19804
Wilmington New Castle 19805
Wilmington New Castle 19806
Wilmington New Castle 19807
Wilmington New Castle 19808
Wilmington New Castle 19809
Wilmington New Castle 19810
Wilmington New Castle 19850
Wilmington New Castle 19880
Wilmington New Castle 19884
Wilmington New Castle 19885
Wilmington New Castle 19886
Wilmington New Castle 19887
Wilmington New Castle 19889
Wilmington New Castle 19890
Wilmington New Castle 19891
Wilmington New Castle 19892
Wilmington New Castle 19893
Wilmington New Castle 19894
Wilmington New Castle 19895
Wilmington New Castle 19896
Wilmington New Castle 19897
Wilmington New Castle 19898
Wilmington New Castle 19899
Dover Kent 19901
Dover Afb Kent 19902
Dover Kent 19903
Dover Kent 19904
Dover Kent 19905
Dover Kent 19906
Bethany Beach Sussex 19930
Bethel Sussex 19931
Bridgeville Sussex 19933
Camden Wyoming Kent 19934
Cheswold Kent 19936
Clayton Kent 19938
Dagsboro Sussex 19939
Delmar Sussex 19940
Ellendale Sussex 19941
Felton Kent 19943
Fenwick Island Sussex 19944
Frankford Sussex 19945
Frederica Kent 19946
Georgetown Sussex 19947
Greenwood Sussex 19950
Harbeson Sussex 19951
Harrington Kent 19952
Hartly Kent 19953
Houston Kent 19954
Kenton Kent 19955
Laurel Sussex 19956
Lewes Sussex 19958
Lincoln Sussex 19960
Little Creek Kent 19961
Magnolia Kent 19962
Milford Sussex 19963
Marydel Kent 19964
Millsboro Sussex 19966
Millville Sussex 19967
Milton Sussex 19968
Nassau Sussex 19969
Ocean View Sussex 19970
Rehoboth Beach Sussex 19971
Seaford Sussex 19973
Selbyville Sussex 19975
Smyrna Kent 19977
Viola Kent 19979
Woodside Kent 19980

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