Advertisement New plans: VoLTE and VoWIFI on Optus 4G Mobile Network

Circles.Life according to Wikipedia is a multinational mobile virtual network that it’s operators are based in Singapore. This company which was founded in 2016 has initially been working hard and also exclusively in Singapore to achieve their goals in reaching out to more customers around them, and make it easy for people to get access to their network from M1.

Contents New plans: VoLTE and VoWIFI on Optus 4G Mobile Network

The Optus MVNO Circles.Life network Which is based in Australia recently launched a dynamic VoLTE and VoWIFI for its customers to enable them have a swift Telco plans most especially for those that have compatible devices.
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It is said that the announcement will be made official in other features which will be lunched out soon for example the VoLTE/WIFI and a few other new features that Circles.Life is planning to release this year 2022, in the month of February 2022.
Currently there is a provision for those who want to port to the Circles.Life and who have the VoLTE and VoWIFI there are some good port-in deals currently available at an affordable rate which ends in January 2022
The $10 budget and also for the top end price which is $55 plans also remain the initial normal prices but for the other two (2) middle plans are on sale currently:
30GB for $15 is available or given to any customer in the first six full months after purchase. $25/month after that.
100GB for $30 is also available for customers for the first six full months. Then you will be given a offer of $45/month after that bonus.
Please always Note that Circles.Life will charge you once every month and remember that your first payment will be made a pro-rata at the full undiscounted plan cost in a month.

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Wi-Fi calling (VoWiFi) and Voice over LTE 4G calling (VoLTE)

For you to be able to make use of VoLTE the network which is Circles.Life you must have a VoLTE capable mobile phone and 4G Optus coverage for it go work proper.
Also note that most phones are not capable of VoLTE and VoWiFi, but with our findings it is done through a mid range and top range models from the last few years. Even though your mobile phone is compatible with these features which had the ability to turn off by default in your Android SIM card network settings, try always to remember turning them on manually.
You might want to know why you should place more about these acronyms? The response to that is that they are very powerful features, most especially when the building you live inside is where your mobile network signal is really weak inside mostly for those who house’s are built using a double brick house or for those who have no coverage at all simply because you live in a valley.
During any Wi-Fi call, please note that the moment you make any move out of your Wi-Fi coverage and have a 4G network signal, your call will seamlessly shifted between the Wi-Fi and 4G networks (perhaps with a second or so gap in audio). Also when you move from Wi-Fi into a 3G network or there is no mobile signal your Wi-Fi call will drop out when you leave Wi-Fi coverage.
You might be thinking a reverse is necessary but I bet you it isn’t. For those that might be on a 4G / Voice over LTE call and try to move into WiFi coverage, your call most times might continue over the 4G network until its ends. Your phone will then register for VoWiFi after the call, and use that going forward.
Don’t bother about the excess usag of data during Wi-Fi calls – it might surprise you how little it actually uses for example: 100-120kbps of your broadband Wi-Fi upload bandwidth. For the typical NBN connection which runs around 25 – 50 Mbps, that voice bandwidth is negligible.
Lastly the minor can change from a user perspective but over time it is believed to have moved significantly improving the quality of your mobile experience without issues.



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