Cheapest Universities In Canada for International Students 2022

Getting the Cheapest Universities In Canada For International Students are quite a lot, and Canadian and international students can also apply to study in these schools. In this article, we will discuss the cheapest university in Canada for international students.

Cheapest Universities In Canada for International Students 2022


Cheapest Universities In Canada for International Students

International or foreign students can pursue their higher education from cheap universities in Canada that provides quality education and issue diverse acknowledged degrees for these students. Universities in Canada that are currently active and available for international students include.

• The University of Calgary.



• The University of Guelph.

• Brandon University.

• The University of Regina.

• University of Northern British Columbia.

• Universite de Saint-Boniface.

• The Memorial University of Newfoundland.



• The University of Saskatchewan.

• Simon Fraser University.

• Canadian Mennonite University.

List of Tuition Free Universities In Canada for International Students

Canada is an excellent place for students looking to acquire quality and sound education as they boost some of the current best universities in the world, and they are known to produce great individuals globally.

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Apart from the level of teaching, some of these Canada-based universities are tuition-free and offer diverse scholarship programs to assist students in covering their fees and accommodation. Below is the list of tuition-free universities in Canada that international students can consider.

• The University of Toronto.



• Concordia University.

• Saint Mary’s University.

• York University.

• The University of Waterloo.

• Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

• Carleton University.

Cheap Universities In Canada for International Students 2022 Without IELTS

Universities in Canada consider giving admission to many international students seeking admission who do not have the IELTS certificate or have not sat for the IELTS exams. The only alternative to this acceptance is if an applicant (International Student) can present another alternative certification such as CAEL, TOEFL, Can Test, DET, or PTE, which will prove their proficiency in English.



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Some of the cheapest universities in Canada that accept an international student without the need for IELTS certification include.

• Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

• Carleton University.

• The University of Guelph.

• Brandon University.

• Seneca College.

• Cambrian University.

• McGill University.

• The University of Ottawa.

Cheap Universities In Canada for Masters

International students looking to enroll and complete their various master’s degree programs can do this by applying to some of the cheapest universities. These universities offer the same quality of education at an affordable cost so that students will not have difficulties completing their master’s degrees. Some of the universities where students looking to acquire these master’s degrees can study include.

Memorial University

Memorial University is one of the most affordable universities in Canada, where Canadian and international students can enroll and complete their master’s degree programs. The University is highly rated and also provides excellent educational facilities enough to make learning easy and comforting.

Dominican University College

Dominican University College, also known as D.U.C, is a proudly known university that offers diverse master’s degree programs that international students can consider with enough space and time. A particular student can work and study at the same time with ease.

University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba offers various health-related courses for international and Canadian students, such as Gynecological Oncology, Urogynecology, etc.; an applicant (Student) needs to complete an oral-based interview as the final phase before acceptance.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the recognized cheap and easy to access universities for international students in Canada. Their master’s degree programs are not limited to Canadian citizens and can be accessed by all students generally.

University of Toronto

One of the available and considered cheapest universities in Canada is the “University of Toronto,” which has been in existence since 1827. The University is quite research-intensive and is recognized globally as a top university for students to consider to complete their various degrees.

Tuition Fees for Masters In Canada for International Students

International students in Canada can handle their tuition fees with Masters in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, and Law known to be the most costly ones among all master’s degree programs. These tuition fees usually range from CAD 1,075 to CAD 65,000, with an average estimated cost of CAD 33,000 yearly. Below are the currently estimated fees for popular disciplines.

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• Masters in Business and Management

Fees: 2,150 – 52,700 CAD yearly

• Masters in Computer Science and Information Technology

Fees: 2,150 – 52,500 CAD yearly

• Masters in Engineering and Technology

Fees: 2,150 – 52,500 CAD yearly

• Masters in Social Science

Fees: 2,150 – 52,500 CAD yearly

Memorial University of Newfoundland Fees for International Students 2022

The Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of the most prominent and most recognized universities in Canada, offering an increasing amount of different degree programs to Canadian and international students. Below are the tuition fees for the fall 2022 semester for the undergraduate degree program.

The tuition, which consists of 10 courses (of 30 credit hours), costs about $11,460 (Canadian dollars) for international students studying at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Other related fees include.

• Campus Renewal Fee – CAD 500

• Student Union – CAD 128

• Recreation Fee – CAD 126

• Student Services Fee – CAD 100

• Health Insurance – CAD 523

Public Universities In Canada

Canada has many public universities where Canadian and international students looking to acquire adequate and quality education backed by suitable facilities to make learning smooth and easy can consider. Below are the available public universities in Canada.

• Western University.

• The University of Lethbridge.

• Trent University.

• Ontario Technology University.

• Université de Montréal.

• The University of Guelph.

• York University.

• Queen’s University.

• The University of Ottawa.

• The University of Windsor.

• Concordia University.

• The University of Regina.

Tuition Fees In Canada For International Students 2022

Currently, the tuition fees allotted to international students studying in Canada range from CAD 20,000 to CAD 30,000 to annually cover their tuition. This is the average fee as it varies according to the university and program in which particular students intend to study.

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Cheap Masters Degree in Canada for International Students

Canadian universities offer diverse master’s degrees that international students can afford to enroll in and complete these degrees with less stress and the difficulties of tuition fees. Below are some of the cheapest master’s degrees with the universities where international students can study them.

The University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is one of the oldest universities in Canada, known for its rigorous research-based learning and activities. The University offers over 80 master’s and doctorate degrees, mainly focusing on Medical and Research Fields. Their tuition fee for a master’s degree program is as low as CAD 6,730.

The Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Memorial University of Newfoundland is known to offer both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at a reasonably affordable price for international students. Their degree programs include Masters in Fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professional programs, Science, etc. Their tuition fees include CAD 6,654 for one-year master’s programs and CAD 9,666 for two-year master’s programs.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is one of the available universities open to Canadian and international students. They offer many degree programs, including Applied Science, Arts, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Communication Education, Environment and Sciences. The tuition fees for the master’s degree program are CAD 5,300.

University of Calgary

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is the University of Calgary which is popular for offering increased and resourceful educational experience to students. Its tuition fee for master’s degree programs is between CAD 12,695 to CAD 25,293. They offer course and research-based masters and doctorate degrees to a wide range of students.

University of Northern Britsih Columbia

University of Northern British Columbia is an excellent option for international students. Located in Prince George, British Columbia, its tuition fees range from CAD 1,681 to CAD 5,101 and offer MSC, MED, MBA, MSCN, MSW, Graduate Certificate, and Doctorate programs.


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