5 Legit Ways To Make Money Online Blogging In 2022

Blogging is a very lucrative business and has no control over your private life because you can schedule how it works for you. Most times we easily give up because we don’t have passion for either the niche we focused on. In the past we’ve heard of so many stories of our friends and colleagues who started a blog and in a short period ended up leaving their White collar Job because their blog started fetching them some money.
Legit Ways To Make Money Online Blogging
For your blog to become that productive you need to work hard on it and also one good thing about hard-working bloggers is that at the end of their struggles they might start earning some little cash from thier blogs.
Learning how to blog might be very attractive to everyone because of the Juicy stories but performing the task as a blogger is a bit stressful without passion. Today I will be teaching you how to earn more money as a blogger in 2022
So, for those interested in learning how to make money blogging I will advice you sit down and continue reading, I’ll advise you strongly that you need to put more dedication and effort if you want this to work for you!

Selling Digital Products

The fastest and reliable way to make money online is to sell things online. Whether you feel like selling digital goods or physical products, first thing you need to reason is to think closely about where your skills and strengths lie so that you won’t be distracted at the end of the day.
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When setting up your blog first thing to do is to plan properly and also understand how to use your blog as a medium or means of selling your ideas. So to set this you have to know where and how to place your products links on other work that you intend to do.
One important thing you must understand about blogging is that most of your visitors are on your blog to read,learn and get more information about what they searched for, so don’t put all your digital products left, right and centre, to avoid driving your visitors away so keep that in mind when starting your blogging journey.
This are some commonly sold digital products you should know:

  • eBooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Pictures & Videos
  • Digital music
  • Software programs
  • Website themes
  • Simple scripts

Sell Advertising space

In the world today one of the most common way of making money blogging is through selling of ads space on your blog. But before you think of this you need to build your blog traffic and also make sure this traffic is flowing through your pages.
Sometimes you might want to advertise your own product using the advertising spacy which is not a bad idea but what you must note is that you need a constant in flow of visitors on your blog daily. One thing you must understand is that when you decide to move visitors from your blog to your selling page will only generate a little bit of extra business for your sales.
Sure, placing adverts of people’s websites might generate some cash for you at the point of sale but you must understand that you need to make extra money from sales of your own goods which is something you need to consider as a blogger.

Affiliate Marketing

When trying different ways of making money as a blogger you must understand that most times some might fail but always remember that there is always an opportunity to sell other people’s good through your blog and gain good commission.
Affiliate marketing doesn’t mean your will be actively posting! It only requires a well detailed article which is search engine optimized with your link properly placed on them. Affiliate marketing is a great means of making money from blogging if you are good and smart on how it works.
Selecting your affiliates wisely and going for good products that will actually give you good commission and also interest your readers to buy them, a simple description detailing everything about that particular product at the end of your post might be all it takes to generate high lead to your affiliate link.
This are some popular affiliate marketing platforms you should know:

  • Warriorplus
  • Jvzoo
  • Clickbank
  • ShareAsale
  • Rakuten Marketing etc.

Sponsored article is simply the process whereby  an advertiser pay you as the blog owner some amount of money to publish sponsored articles on your blog. Most times most advertiser pay according to your domain authority and also your search engine visibility.
If you run a good niche in blogging you will always get this offer and for you to have this kind of offer coming you need to make sure you have a fix price depending of what you are offering to the advertiser.

Sell physical products

Selling of physical products is very good and also one good thing to note is that your visitors will always want to check it out when browsing through any of your blog post.
Reasons why niche blogging is important is because of the benefits of selling things related to your niche. If you love cooking and you have passion for cooking then all you need is to set up a blog for it and then start publishing and advertising products you have available for sell physically with your location.
Trying to focus on something more in keeping with what you’re selling is very important as a blogger.
This are some of the physical goods that you can sell:

  • Books (Hard Copy)
  • Jewelry
  • Handmade goods
  • Kitchen Items
  • Electronics


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